Bikini Tops For Moderate to Fuller Busts SS21

Okay being a fuller bust gal you've either experienced one of two things. Firstly the bikini is either completely not fit for purpose and does not provide any kind of support WHAT SO EVER or alternatively it provides support but it is either ugly or plain looking. Well we feel ya.

In this mini guide we will be providing you with some options to bring some life back into your bikini wardrobe and most importantly give you some suggestions on which tops will flatter a larger bust. Take note !

Halter Neck Triangle Top

A slight variation on the classic triangle bikini. Thicker straps will provide you with sturdy support. Having adjustable straps both around the neck and back make it the perfect bikini top for those with a fuller bust and a small waist which typically can be difficult to shop for. 

Ensure your bikini top comes with removable padding so you have the option as to whether or not you want to add an extra layer of protection for the nips. If your bikini is light in colour it is common to see an outline of the nipple area, therefore having padding can reduce this effect and prevent this situation from arising.

You can style this bikini top in dozens of different ways. Some may be more suitable than others particuarly for a fuller bust. Take a look at our suggestions on how to tie your triangle bikini top HERE and if you bag yourself a trusty triangle top you will get several styles for the price of just one bikini!
This bikini top is great for showing a little on trend 'under boob' too!
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Salty Bottom
RRP £30
Halter Neck Waist Band Top

If you are seeking as much coverage and support as possible then a bikini top which features a under bust band should be at the top of your bikini wish list. Similarly with the halter neck triangle bikini, ensure your waist band bikini top has adjustable neck and back straps for as much flexibility as poss. 

The under bust band on the bikini top will keep the babies in place and prevent any sagging. You can tie the neck straps tighter to hoick up the bust and tighten the under bust band to cinch in the waist a little!

Try a vibrant print to deterr from the bust area and jazz up your summer holiday wadrobe.  

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Salty Bottom
RRP £30 
For cup sizes up to DD/E
Underwire Bra 

An underwire bra style bikini top has structure and support built into the bust area. Being a structured bikini top it is very sturdy and stays put. Having said that, cup sizes tend to come up slightly smaller with more minimal coverage than a halter neck bikini top. So if you prefer more coverage this might not be your die hard bikini top, in this scenario stick with a halter neck.

The beauty about these types of bikini tops is that the straps and underwire can naturally provide additional lift (if this is your quest for a perkier bust!). On your bikini checklist make sure your bikini top has adjustable straps, a sturdy clasp and removable padding to get top notch quality.

underwire bikini top full bust

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Santorini Bikini Top in Auburn
RRP £29

Altnerative to underwire Bra

fuller bust bikini

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Salty Bottom
Bolivia Bikini Top in Lemon
RRP £29

*We love this cute front bow bikini top for more coverage than your standard underwire bra*

What's your 'go to' style for a moderate to fuller bust? We'd love to hear from you, drop a comment with your favourite and you might even get a little treat from us!

Feel free to send this blog to anyone you think would appreciate some Summer stylin' tips.

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Stay Salty x


Ways to Tie Your Triangle Bikini

If you don't already know there are endless ways to tie your triangle or halter neck bikini. Dive into our 'how to' blog demonstrating some of the trending styles.

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