What Bikini Bottom Should I Wear?

Choosing your ideal bikini bottom can be a chore if you are not sure what will suit your body shape. We believe every woman should wear which ever style they feel most comfortable in and should not have to feel obliged to wear a particular style. That being said a little helping hand never goes a miss!

We have given a brief guide below to our SS21 bikini bottom styles and a couple of pointers to what style will compliment certain body shapes.

Palawan - High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

A high waisted bikini bottom is probably a go to for every woman at one point in their holiday.

The additional coverage can make you feel comfortable and confident in days where you might be experiencing bloat or want to indulge in the all inclusive lunch time buffet.

If you have a taller frame with a long torso high waisted bikini bottoms look stunning sat just in line with the belly button.

If you desire to create more of an hour class shape these bikini bottoms work a treat. The waist band cinches you in at the waist creating an hour glass look.

Great for: Tummy conscious, long torso, all day comfort, fuller coverage, hour glass look
high waisted bikini bottom cheeky
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Bolivia - Side Tie V Shape Bikini Bottoms

V shaped bikini bottoms are a relatively new trend giving additional shape to your staple side tie bikini bottoms.

A V shaped bikini bottom tends to suit well to those with shorter torsos allowing for a sexy v shape without it going too low at the front!

Side tie bottoms can provide flexibility if you have slightly wider hips and a bigger bottom so you can adjust to fit your shape.

Great for: shorter torso, wider hips/larger bottom, moderate coverage
bolivia bikini bottoms
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Santorini - String Bikini Bottom

The Santorini bikini bottoms are a sun bathers dream. The tiny thin adjustable strap and slid-able front and back coverage make for minimal tan lines

Wear these itsy bitsy bikini bottoms high on the hip to elongate the legs and create a natural curvature on an athletic shape.

Great for: Athletic shape, shorter legs, minimal adjustable coverage, sun worshipper!
teeny bikini bottom
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St Lucia - Brazilian High Rise Bikini Bottoms

Our most searched for and purchased bikini bottoms. 

The St Lucia bikini bottoms are considered a staple in your summer bikini draw. Many women have commented just how confident they have felt wearing these Brazilian style bikini bottoms.

This particular style is great at elongating the legs at it sits quite high above the hips but at the same time slims out the hips making it a great option for those with wider hips.

The coverage is moderately skimpy and although it is skimpier than some of our other styles you do not feel like your bum is out on show. It provides a classy cheeky look!

Great for: Wide hips, all day comfort, minimal coverage, shorter or tall body shapes, practically anyone who feels comfortable showing slightly more bum!

st lucia high waisted bikiniShop St Lucia

Tulum - Side Tie Bikini Bottom

Traditional side tie bikini bottoms with a cheeky coverage.

Having bottoms you are able to tie up easily can provide great flexibility if you are in-between sizes.

 If you have slimmer hips a cheeky pair of side tie bottoms can give the illusion of added shape.

Great for: in-between sizes, cheeky coverage, slimmer hips.side tie bikini bottomShop Tulum

Jicaro - Thick Strap Bikini Bottoms

Cheeky cut Jicaro Bikini bottoms are made for ample tanning with thick straps that can be worn high rise or on the hips.

The ruched strap allows you to adjust the coverage at the front and back. The thicker straps slim out the hips if worn low down. If worn high rise they can create an illusion of hips for the athletic shapes and most importantly provide extra comfort.

Great for: tanning, minimal adjustable coverage, athletic shape
cheeky brazilian bikini
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Need advice on sizing or style? Please let us know, we are more than happy to help.

Stay Salty x


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