What Bikini Top Should I Wear?

Finding a bikini top which compliments your body shape can certainly be complicated and frustrating. Whilst we believe any woman should and can wear whatever style they see fit there are certainly some tips and tricks on which bikini tops compliments different shapes and bust sizes.

In this mini guide we break down our SS21 styles to explain which bikini tops compliment which body shape, are the most versatile and why.

Santorini - The Classic Triangle Bikini Top

This popular style has been worn for decades and no doubt plenty more years to come. The classic triangle bikini top is probably one of the most versatile swimwear pieces you could purchase. 

Aside from the fact you can tie this bikini top several different ways, the adjustable strings around the neck and back make this bikini top a versatile option. 

If you are a lady with a larger bust but a small waist these bikini tops can be adjusted to accommodate. If you are a sun seeker and like minimal tan lines this bikini top will be your best travel companion.

Smaller bust gals rock a triangle bikini top very well. Since you need less support the triangle top is a great way to keep you covered. The Santorini bikini top comes with removable padding giving you some added volume or alternatively (my favourite way to wear it) wear without the padding and scrunch the top to create a small and classy cleavage.

Note: We wouldn't recommend the triangle bikini top if you are looking for the upmost support.

Great for - small busts, larger bust and small waist not requiring so much support, sun worshippers!

triangle bikini top lemonShop Santorini

Bolivia - Bra Style Bikini Top With No Underwire

A bra style bikini top with no underwire is possibly our favourite 'go to' bikini top for all day comfort. 

If you are seeking a long day in the sun, in and out of the pool then this bikini top is for you honey. The double lined top provide ample coverage and a very comfortable amount of support even for a mid-large bust size. The adjustable straps and sturdy back clasp provide form firm support and flexibility for this particular style of bikini.

Since this bikini top has more coverage and generally more fabric it tends to draw more attention to the top half of the body therefore making a great option for those with slightly wider hips.

Great for: All day comfort, wider hips/pear shape, small or larger busts.bikini top small bustShop Bolivia

Jicaro - Halter Neck Bikini Top

Similar to the triangle bikini top our Jicaro bikini top style has both adjustable neck and back straps.

The thicker neck straps make it the perfect bikini top to provide lift and support and elongate the torso by lifting up the babies! If you are shorter in the torso and apple shaped this will be your go to bikini top to make you shine girl!

We particularly love this style because it can truly narrow out broad shoulders. I personally wear this top for this very reason (being a tall gal!) 

Great for: Short torso, broad shoulders, good option for small or larger busts not requiring so much support.bikini top for my body shapeShop Jicaro

St Lucia - Underwire Bra Bikini Top

Our best seller for a reason. This structured bikini top is so effortlessly beautiful.

The structured under wire provides sturdy support and a natural lift to the bust area without being too over the top. This is the perfect bikini top for those with a smaller bust if you are seeking more cleavage. 

Since the back strap is thicker and has a sturdy clasp it also cinches in the waist area making it a great option for those with a more athletic shape as it will provide slightly more of an hour glass shape.

If you are a curvy lady why not accentuate those curves and go for our St Lucia bikini top, you won't regret it.

This bikini top is suitable for those with small to medium size busts up to a small cup E. The cup area is not as full coverage as the Bolivia therefore if you have nipples which sit quite high you could be in for a risk of a nip slip so bare this in mind!

Great for: Small/Mid size busts, athletic & curvy body shapes. structured bikini top
Shop St Lucia

Palawan - Halter Neck Bikini Top

Our top recommendation for those with a larger bust is the Palawan halter neck bikini top.

Thicker straps and under bust band provides the perfect level of support. The firm straps allow you to tighten the top around the neck and back firmly giving a subtle lift and tuck.

The under bust band gives more coverage and will suit those with a longer torso cutting you in at the right places to compliment your body's natural curvature. 

Tip - We have come up with 3 ways to tie this awesome bikini top. Shown below in a side tie. Get 3 bikini tops in one!

Great for: Mid/Large busts wanting support, longer torso'ssupportive bikini top Shop Palawan

Tulum - Strapless Bandeau Bikini Top

A staple for those sun loving babes.

A strapless provides little support so this style is predominantly recommend to those with a smaller to moderate bust size or those with larger busts that are wanting to soak up the sun and not do much moving around!

If you have delicate or petite shoulders a padded strapless bikini top can add volume and draw attention towards the chest area.

Great for: Small busts, sun lovers, petite shoulders.

strapless bikini topShop Tulum 

If you find yourself struggling to make a decision on which bikini top to purchase please drop us a message, we'd love to help you decide!

Stay Salty x


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