What is sustainable swimwear?

Sustainability is a hot topic these days with more and more brands taking the leap to be more environmentally friendly by showing love to our planet in the forms of using eco-friendly materials within the product themselves and how the items are packaged right the way through to the workers who make the garments and how they are transported to you.

As a small business it can be quite an investment to make to become fully sustainable as unfortunately the reality is that anything that is better for the planet comes at a higher cost and in order to do this some of the cost needs to be put on to the consumer.

Over many years younger generations have decided to mass consume fashion leading to unethical fast fashion brands who simply do not care about the environment that we live in or the workers that prepare the garments.

However it is clear that the young generation of today (Gen-Z) tend to have sustainability at the forefront of their mind. They want to know how their garment is being made and by whom right the way to who is selling it (the founder).

At Salty Bottom sustainable swimwear starts with the supply chain. We now only work with one small swimwear manufacture who have loyal workers that have been at the company for nearly a decade and they abide by ethical working conditions in that they do not work weekends so have a well rounded work/life balance. We pay a fair price for our swim garments to be manufactured to ensure the workers are payed fairly for their expertise this is reflected in our price to our customers.

Sustainable swimwear means caring about the fabric that you use. From 2023 we will be using Repreve swimwear fabric for both solid and printed collections. Recycled performance fiber made from plastic bottles. From the Repreve genies themselves

"Using recycled instead of virgin polyester produces fewer carbon emissions. And giving plastic bottles a second life keeps them out of oceans and landfills"

You can read all about Repreves journey and sustainability here

Our packaging has always been sustainable from the get go. We use compostable mailing bags along with our beautiful bikinis arriving in recycled garment bags which can be reused and repurposed as travel bags for your cosmetics.

Our luxury and sustainable swimwear pieces are designed to last you many memories to treasure.

You can view our full range of sustainable swimwear here.

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