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Beaded Jewellery

Complete your swimwear ensemble with our beaded beach-inspired jewellery range, designed to elevate your beach look effortlessly. Our unique belly chains, available in blue and brown hues, perfectly complement both vibrant and muted bikini prints. Not a fan of belly chains? Opt for a dainty beach anklet or beaded necklace to add a touch of flair to your swimwear collection or elevate your summer wardrobe.

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beaded belly chain beaded belly chain gold
Azores Belly Chain - Sand
Sale priceCHF 24.79
beaded summer anklet
Azores Anklet - Sky Blue
Sale priceCHF 10.63
blue pearl beaded necklaceblue beach necklace
Azores Necklace - Sky Blue
Sale priceCHF 21.25
beaded anklet uk
Azores Anklet - Sand
Sale priceCHF 10.63
belly chain blueblue beaded belly chain
Azores Belly Chain - Sky Blue
Sale priceCHF 24.79
gold beaded sunglass strapBROWN SUNGLASS STRAP PRETTY
beaded beach necklacebeaded beach necklace
Azores Necklace - Sand
Sale priceCHF 21.25
cherry beaded necklaceDitsy Cherry Necklace
Ditsy Cherry Necklace
Sale priceCHF 7.67
bohemian beach earrings creamtassel earrings cream
sunglass strap blueCUTE SUNGLASS STRAP
bohemian beach earringsbrown tassel earrings
tassel earring tealblue tassel earring