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Article: Hot Tips for Cheap Female Travel During a Recession

travel during a recession
Budget Series

Hot Tips for Cheap Female Travel During a Recession

Let's face it the thought of not being able to afford to go away somewhere nice and hot again where you can put on your most loved bikini is not something we thought we would have to think about so quickly.

However, there are many tips and tricks we want to share with you so you can get the most out of your hard earned money. We would like to share with you the best tips for budgeting your travel below;

travel tips for women

1 - Time is of the essence
A fairly obvious one but the time in which you decide to vacation has a large impact in the price you will have to pay for your trip. Depending on where it is you want to travel consider going just outside of peak season and summer holidays to still catch bikini weather!

Travelling to say Europe, can be cheaper in the months of May, June and September whilst retaining the chance to pick up a summer glow! 

If you are vacationing further afield be careful with travelling outside of peak seasons as you could hit tropical weather patterns or hurricane seasons but if you like to live life on the edge and have a tight budget you can really save some huge bucks here! In most cases the tropical rain tends to fall in the morning and clears pretty quickly.

Avoid travelling in school holidays like the plague and if you can, catch your flights during the week as opposed to the weekend. It might cost you extra annual leave but it is a substantial saving and will allow you to indulge in some new swimwear. 

Personal Recommendations

Carribean - Travel in early May
USA West Coast - Travel in March/May/October 
Europe - Travel in May/June/Mid September

2 - Don't book through a travel company

A controversial one but a recommendation I have lived by for many years now is do not fall victim to the resort packages. Unless you really are keen to not have to do any organising.

Use websites like Skyscanner for the best flight prices. Another benefit with Skyscanner is the ability to filter the date search by 'whole month' this will immediately show you the price of flights on every day during that month giving you an insight into the cheapest time to travel.

Once you have your flights sorted you can either use websites such as or Airbnb to find cheaper accommodation.

An Airbnb will offer you the option to cook food within the apartment, some additional money saving advice! you will find the traditional hotels and resorts and usually the same ones you can find on Tui and travel package sites and in most cases far more reasonable.

If you are a solo-traveller check out Hostelworld you can find some high end luxe hostels with female only dorms which can start from £15 a night (seriously) or better yet, if you are a real free spirit, you can couch surf with locals through the company Couch Surfing. A great way to hang out in your swimsuit with locals down the beach.

3 - Book between Christmas and New Year

Yes we have raved about this one before but this is the best time to find an advanced offer. When everyone else is enjoying their mince pie and not even thinking about their favourite bikini we be out there scouring the internet for the best Summer vacay😏.

You can read our full blog on this here

4 - Destination

Step outside your comfort zone and go for the travel underdog!

If you are a long haul seeker why not try destinations like Sri Lanka, South Africa, Bali - more so for the cheap airbnb costs! and Philippines to name a few bikini friendly destinations.

More of a short-haul beach babe? Just simply avoiding high tourist destinations in any of the European countries will do the trick. Find an airbnb in an outside town to save on accommodation and over-price unauthentic restaurant costs! Valencia in Spain is a prime example of an underdog whilst known it is not your typical tourist destination but still has ALOT to offer.

We hope you found some gems amongst this blog and please do share with anyone who might need some inspiration for getting through the next 12 months ! If you have any of your own travel saving tips please leave them in the comments below so we can share them with our readers!

Happy Vacationing!

Team Salty xo

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