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Article: Post Lockdown Bucketlist

Post Lockdown Bucketlist

Post Lockdown Bucketlist

The pandemic has undoubtedly had its toll on travelling. For the past year, most of us have spent our holidays and vacations in our home countries, which has been great, but let's be honest – we are so ready for the lockdown to finally end. Though you may not be able to pack your favourite swimwear and board on a plane right now, there's no better time to start planning.

Whether it's a tropical getaway or a fun-filled trip to the mountains – we've got your back (-:

Sri Lanka
If there is one place that should be on your list, it's Sri Lanka. Trust us when we say – you'll love it! The beautiful island is located off the southern coast of India and is famous for its kind people, amazing beaches (be sure to catch some waves in one of our cool bikinis) and magnificent nature. Be sure to visit Sigiriya Rock Fortress – one of Sri Lanka's most recognizable sites. Enjoy a trip to safari and have a glimpse at the island's gorgeous wildlife, and step back in time while going on a train ride overlooking the tea plantations. 
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This past year has been a challenge, so you shouldn't feel bad about treating yourself, and the Maldives is surely one of the best destinations for a calm and peaceful rest. Enjoy a picnic in one of the white-sand beaches, put on your favourite swimwear and explore the marine world while snorkelling or diving in the blue waters. If you're looking for some "me-time", have a relaxing massage session at one of the spas and make sure to try Mas Huni – a traditional Maldivian breakfast dish.

Rhodes, Greece
The fourth-largest Greek island is full of fun and exciting activities. It is famous for its 300 days of sunshine every year, and the beaches – well, you must see them! While you're enjoying the island of Greek gods, don't forget one of its most famous towns – Lindos. You've probably come across all the breathtaking photos of Greece and those tiny white houses. Well, Lindos is the place to see them in real life! Wander around Rhodes old town or learn about ancient art – whatever you choose, we guarantee you'll be pleased.

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Though it might not be the typical choice for a vacation, Georgia offers something for everyone. If you prefer to be active, try hiking in North Georgia. The season doesn't matter – any time of the year is perfect for a hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains. There are quite a few trails to choose from, depending on the difficulty and length. Whatever you choose, be prepared for some breathtaking views, very kind people and yummy food (khachapuri!) that will make your taste-buds do a happy dance.

South of France

Craving a little croissant? Then South of France should be on your list. Due to its incredible beaches and fantastic weather, it is no wonder the destination is loved by many. Get inspired by the art (South of France is the motherload of culture), palm trees and great food.

Don't forget to explore the region's nightlife  – head to Casino de Monte Carlo for a James-Bond approved fun.  A little party never killed anybody!

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