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Article: 8 Places to Visit in Portugal Post-Lockdown

8 Places to Visit in Portugal Post-Lockdown

8 Places to Visit in Portugal Post-Lockdown

So Portugal made it to the green list and you want to be the first to step out of British soil? Do you want the perfect excuse to wear that new bikini? This article is for you.
portugal beach blogWe all know that COVID has ruined our chances of going on a relaxing holiday for a while now and the lockdown has made us miss out on getting some rays in our new bikinis. However finally, after months of staying home and isolating ourselves from the world, most countries are allowing domestic and international flights, which means we have the chance to travel once again.

In this blog, we will discuss the eight places to visit in Portugal post-lockdown; that is perfect for a summer getaway so you can spend time at the beach.

lisbon portugal town centre

Whether you have planned to have a couples getaway or even a girlfriend's getaway, these locations are a must-visit.

Are you wondering when to plan this summer getaway?

Well, if you're looking for the best time of the year that Portugal has to offer, for warm air, calm waters, and the best way to get a nice, bronzed tan. You must visit Portugal from late May to late September.


If you are ever in Portugal in the summer, you have to visit Lisbon. Not only is Lisbon known as Portugal's coastal capital. It has four very different coastline beaches to choose from, from family-friendly beaches to surfers paradise beaches, Lisbon has it all.

Lisbon has a beautiful city centre, which is why so many tourists come to visit Lisbon. The streets are full of pastel-colours homes and buildings that do make really great Insta moments!
Sintra portugal
Seeking a long overdue girls night out? How about reserving a few seats at the Red Frog Speakeasy? This cocktail bar has been awarded the top 50 best cocktail bar worldwide and the best in Portugal. Perfect for women wanting to let their hair down!


Do you have plans to visit Sintra with your lover? Sintra is known as the best place for making beautiful memories with the ones you love. I mean, who doesn’t want to walk through the walls of the many castles of Sintra with their spouse, pretending to be the kings and queens who own it?
Sintra portugal
How about visit the spectacular beach, Praia da Ursa. The beach is perfect for swimming, tanning, and even watching the sunset go down. There are many other fun activities you can do around this beach. It has a scenic hike trail beautiful rocky landscape perfect for those who aspire to be a photographer.

The Douro Valley

Douro Valley, What better way to spend your time in this summer paradise, other than in a new bikini, taking instagrammable pictures and swimming in the turquoise water and white sandy beaches.  
Douro Valley portugal
Douro Valley gets known as the oldest wine region in the world. This city even has lush green hills filled with vineyards as far as the eye can see. The Douro Valley has plenty of fun, adventurous activities for you and your girlfriends to do.

You could plan a day trip for a wine tasting tour of Douro Valley’s wine and port or you could book a relaxing day at the six senses spa and get some of the best massages available in Portugal.


Obidos is a small romantic medieval town. It’s situated in the centre of Portugal and is definitely worth adding to your itinerary. Obidos gets known for being the home to Portugal's famous traditional drink called Ginja de Óbidos and is a drink you must try when you visit.
Obidos portugal
If you’re looking for the perfect beach to have an excuse to post a picture in that new cheeky bikini, try visiting Foz do Arelho. The deep blue Atlantic ocean and the waves are what makes this beach so unique. If you plan on bringing the kids to Obidos, Foz do Arelho is a lovely beach.


Are you dreaming of visiting Porto with your girlfriends? Well, why not? Porto is a perfect location for a girls vacation and has a coastline of golden beaches and beautiful natural scenery. Perfect for those Instagram-worthy moments in your bikinis and bronzed tan.
Porto portugal town
Porto gets known for being the moment popular tourist location in Europe at the moment and has an endless carousel of activities you and your girls get to do. Do you want to know what fun activities Porto has to offer? How about riding a quad through the Oporto buggy adventure or even hitting the streets. You could discover the many cathedrals and palaces too.


If you want to visit stunning Portugal mansions, want to take your bikinis out for a day at the gorgeous beaches or even to discover history at the museums. Cascais is the right place for you.
Cascais portugal blog
Cascais is a hotspot for tourists and anyone who loves the beach or surfing. This city hosts many beach-related sporting events, including sailing and surfing. If you are looking for gorgeous landmarks, you must visit Boca do Inferno. Are you feeling a bit hungry? Try this fantastic restaurant called 5 Sentidos Cascais, which is open for lunch and dinner.


If you have ever been to Venice, you’ll sure love Aveiro. Aveiro gets known as Portugal's own Venice because of the canals running through the town and gondola rides available to tourists. This city is the perfect place for a girls trip and a place to celebrate the summer weather walking around in your favourite bikini top.

Aveiro portugal canals
Some great attractions you and your girlfriends can visit involve visiting Praia da Costa Nova. Praia da Costa Nova is the iconic beach in Aveiro. It also gets known for its striped coloured houses, dunes, and gorgeous waters.

The Azores

Last on our list of places to visit in Portugal post-lockdown in the Azores. The Azores is a cluster of islands situated roughly 1,500 kilometres from Lisbon. These islands are simply beautiful. In the Azores, you can rock your bikinis around the whole island if you want to.

furnas lake azores portugalApart from having the Atlantic Ocean at your doorstep. For whenever you feel like a quick dip, there are also many beautiful landmarks and attractions for you to discover, as well. If you are adventurous, you must visit the breathtaking Furnas lake. Or how about hitting up the bars like the gin library.

So go grab that flights before the rules change!

Stay Salty - SB xo

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