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Salty Bottom Swim offers more than just swimwear. Our mission is to provide you with your entire travel wardrobe from beach to bar. Watch this space as our collections expand over time. For now, you can shop beaded beach jewellery, Swimwear cover-ups, travel packing bags and airport loungewear. It's a lifestyle after all.

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beaded belly chain beaded belly chain gold
Azores Belly Chain - Sand
Sale price293 kr
beaded anklet uk
Azores Anklet - Sand
Sale price125 kr
beaded summer anklet
Azores Anklet - Sky Blue
Sale price125 kr
blue pearl beaded necklaceblue beach necklace
belly chain bluewaist beads blue
beaded beach necklacebeaded beach necklace
Azores Necklace - Sand
Sale price251 kr
cherry beaded necklaceDitsy Cherry Necklace
Ditsy Cherry Necklace
Sale price91 kr