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Shield yourself from the sun's rays with our chic beach cover-ups, perfect for layering over your trendy bikini or favorite one-piece. Our collection is designed to effortlessly complement both solid and printed swimwear, offering a variety of options including full-length cover-ups, beach shirts, trousers, and crochet dresses. Stay stylish and protected with our versatile beach cover-ups.

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Leopard Print Slit Leg Beach DressLeopard Print Maxi Beach Dress
Black Side Tie Bikini Bottom White Beach ShirtBlack and white floaty beach shirt
Save $11.76lemon beach saronglemon print sarong
Antigua Side Tie Beach Sarong - Squeeze The Day
Sale price$39.21 Regular price$50.97
white lace coverupwhite lace beach dress
Save $35.29brown beach trousers laceflared beach trouser brown
Martinique Beach Trouser - Chocolate Brown
Sale price$52.93 Regular price$88.22
Save $26.66Crochet lace beach topbeach top in brown
Martinique Beach Top - Chocolate Brown
Sale price$39.99 Regular price$66.65
Save $37.64flared brown beach dress retro swimwear coverup
Martinique Beach Mini Dress - Chocolate Brown
Sale price$56.46 Regular price$94.10
Save $31.37beach shirt with collarnew beach shirt
Capri Beach Shirt - Trippy Hippie
Sale price$47.05 Regular price$78.42
Save $33.33ivory sarongrayon beach sarong
*FINAL SALE*Fiji Sarong - Ivory
Sale price$21.56 Regular price$54.89
Save $35.28printed beach shirtbeach shirt geo print
Samoa Beach Shirt - Geo Nights
Sale price$35.29 Regular price$70.57
beach shirtanimal print beach shirt
lace beach coverupwhite lace coverup
Save $23.52*FINAL SALE* Swimable Rara Skirt - Heatwaveruffle bikini skirt
*FINAL SALE* Swimable Rara Skirt - Heatwave
Sale price$35.29 Regular price$58.81
Save $25.49pink sarongpink bikini coverup
*FINAL SALE*Sarong Love Struck
Sale price$17.64 Regular price$43.13
Save $19.61*FINAL SALE*Sarong Skirt - White*FINAL SALE*Sarong Skirt - White
*FINAL SALE*Sarong Skirt - White
Sale price$19.60 Regular price$39.21
Save $23.53Purple Beach Cover up Sarong SkirtPurple Beach Cover up Sarong Skirt 2
*FINAL SALE*Sarong Skirt- Mauve
Sale price$15.68 Regular price$39.21
Save $23.53green bikini sarongGreen Blue Beach Cover up Sarong Skirt 2
*FINAL SALE*Sarong Skirt- Teal
Sale price$15.68 Regular price$39.21