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Shield yourself from the sun's rays with our chic beach cover-ups, perfect for layering over your trendy bikini or favorite one-piece. Our collection is designed to effortlessly complement both solid and printed swimwear, offering a variety of options including full-length cover-ups, beach shirts, trousers, and crochet dresses. Stay stylish and protected with our versatile beach cover-ups.

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Leopard Print Slit Leg Beach DressLeopard Print Maxi Beach Dress
Black Side Tie Bikini Bottom White Beach ShirtBlack and white floaty beach shirt
Save CHF 7.14lemon beach saronglemon print sarong
Antigua Side Tie Beach Sarong - Squeeze The Day
Sale priceCHF 23.78 Regular priceCHF 30.92
white lace coverupwhite lace beach dress
Save CHF 21.40brown beach trousers laceflared beach trouser brown
Martinique Beach Trouser - Chocolate Brown
Sale priceCHF 32.11 Regular priceCHF 53.51
Save CHF 16.17Crochet lace beach topbeach top in brown
Martinique Beach Top - Chocolate Brown
Sale priceCHF 24.26 Regular priceCHF 40.43
Save CHF 22.83flared brown beach dress retro swimwear coverup
Martinique Beach Mini Dress - Chocolate Brown
Sale priceCHF 34.25 Regular priceCHF 57.08
Save CHF 19.03beach shirt with collarnew beach shirt
Capri Beach Shirt - Trippy Hippie
Sale priceCHF 28.54 Regular priceCHF 47.57
Save CHF 20.22ivory sarongrayon beach sarong
*FINAL SALE*Fiji Sarong - Ivory
Sale priceCHF 13.08 Regular priceCHF 33.30
Save CHF 21.40printed beach shirtbeach shirt geo print
Samoa Beach Shirt - Geo Nights
Sale priceCHF 21.41 Regular priceCHF 42.81
beach shirtanimal print beach shirt
Samoa Beach Shirt - Giraffe
Sale priceCHF 47.57
lace beach coverupwhite lace coverup
Save CHF 14.27*FINAL SALE* Swimable Rara Skirt - Heatwaveruffle bikini skirt
*FINAL SALE* Swimable Rara Skirt - Heatwave
Sale priceCHF 21.41 Regular priceCHF 35.68
Save CHF 15.46pink sarongpink bikini coverup
*FINAL SALE*Sarong Love Struck
Sale priceCHF 10.70 Regular priceCHF 26.16
Save CHF 11.89*FINAL SALE*Sarong Skirt - White*FINAL SALE*Sarong Skirt - White
*FINAL SALE*Sarong Skirt - White
Sale priceCHF 11.89 Regular priceCHF 23.78
Save CHF 14.27Purple Beach Cover up Sarong SkirtPurple Beach Cover up Sarong Skirt 2
*FINAL SALE*Sarong Skirt- Mauve
Sale priceCHF 9.51 Regular priceCHF 23.78
Save CHF 14.27green bikini sarongGreen Blue Beach Cover up Sarong Skirt 2
*FINAL SALE*Sarong Skirt- Teal
Sale priceCHF 9.51 Regular priceCHF 23.78