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Article: 7 Sexy Ways to Tie a Triangle Bikini

7 Sexy Ways to Tie a Triangle Bikini

7 Sexy Ways to Tie a Triangle Bikini

If you are looking to get the most bang for your buck with a new bikini than a triangle / halter neck bikini is the one for you. 

Triangle bikini tops can be styled in so many different ways. You can take them from day to night and strapless to strappy!

In this short article we show you how to can easily tie one of our halter neck style bikini tops, The Jicaro in 7 easy ways. 


Go strapless babes, minimal tan lines maximum potential! This style is perfect for those itsy bitsy bikini lovers.

strapless triangle bikini top
How to: Tie the thicker top section of the halter neck bikini top behind your back (the top will flop down so make sure you are somewhere discreet!). Next pull the front section back up and tie the thinner strings at the top into a bow or you can wrap and tie the string behind your back if you do not want the bow. Easy Peasy!
how to tie a triangle bikini

Bow Front 1

A little more technical than the strapless but so worth it once you know how. Giving us super cute girly vibes. Dress it up as a top for the evening or pair with denim shorts to get multiple looks with just one bikini top.

cute bow bikini top

How to: Grab the bikini cups and slide them closer towards the ends of the string (not too far!) and hang the thin string around the back of your neck. You should now have 4 straps hanging in front of you. Next, pull the thinner string behind your back and tie. Adjust the cups to cover your bust and then tie the thicker straps in front of your chest and create the bow. 

 Bow Front 2

If you prefer a little more support but still want a sassy bow at the front then take note of this style. 
front tie bikini top
How to: Slide the bikini cups close to the end of the thin strings again and fling the thin long strap round your back. You should have 4 straps and the cups in front of you. Tie the thick halter neck strap around your neck and simply finish with tying the thin bikini strap in the centre of the bust. Another easy go-to style!

Upside Down Triangle

The upside down triangle trend doesn't seem to be going anywhere. It's favourite to celebs such as Kylie Jenner, Tammy Hembrow & more to name. This sexy style will give those with a moderate to full bust some seriously trendy under boob. This 2 step process is another easy style to rock round the pool this summer.
upside down triangle bikini How to: Tie your thin bikini strings around your neck in a small bow (as opposed to the thick straps). You should now have the bottom of the cup hanging towards the inside of your bust area. Lastly securely tie the thick straps behind your back. Adjust the top how you see fit. If you want more under boob simply make the cup area smaller by ruching the stitched area of the bikini cups.
upside down triangle bikini top

Criss Cross Halter Neck

A subtle and classy change to your traditional halter neck style. If you are in a hurry to hit the beach but want to switch it up a little this is the look for you.
criss cross halter neck bikini top
How to: Tie your thin bikini strings around your back (as you would usually) and simply cross the 2 front thick strap in front of your chest and finally tie the bikini straps behind your neck and hey presto, off you go!

criss cross bikini
Criss Cross Waist

Add a little extra detail to your classic triangle bikini by adding a twist or criss crossing at the front of the bikini top. This style is one of our favourites and suits all bust sizes!
criss cross bikini top

How to: Similar method to the Bow Front 1, move your bikini cups towards the end of the thinner straps and hang the long thin strap around your neck. Tie the other front thin straps around your back. Cross over the thicker bikini straps in front of your bust so it sits flat or alternatively you can twist the straps to give more of a 3D effect. 
twist bikini top

One Sided Shoulder Tie 

The one sided shoulder bikini top is another effortlessly sexy style to wear this summer. This one is designed for the more moderate to fuller bust gals. Unfortunately ladies with a smaller bust are likely to experience a significant gap when crossing the strap over if not tied up tight enough so if you do give this one a go make sure to secure properly as no one wants a nip slip!

side tie bikini top

How to: Tie your bikini top in the conventional way (thin straps tied around the back) simply move both straps to one side and fling the thick straps over the one shoulder and tie them to you thin back strap. (this can be tricky on your own but totally do'able!)

how to tie a bikini top

We hope you find these styles helpful and can rock your favourite looks on your next holiday. Take a pic and show us what styles you managed to come up with. If you attach them to this blog we will send you a coupon code ;-)

Triangle tops available at Salty Bottom include, The Jicaro & The Santorini.

Stay Salty x


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