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About Us


Born amidst the chaos of 2020, Salty Bottom Swim splashed onto the scene with a mission: to unite travel junkies when wanderlust was on pause. Their British-inspired swimwear isn't just about style—it's about feeling fabulous and carefree by the shore. Plus, with their travel blogs, they're not just selling swimsuits, they're fuelling dreams and bringing together a tribe of adventurous gals ready to dive into the unknown!

swimwear brand owner

Jess, aged 32, knows the struggle of body confidence all too well. Rejected by a modeling agency at 14 for having "too wide hips," she battled with self-esteem. Shopping for mainstream swimwear only added to her frustration—nothing seemed to fit her tall, wide frame just right, and it was both exhausting and expensive.

Fed up with the lack of options, Jess spotted a gap in the market for affordable, flattering swimwear separates from British brands. Coupled with her passion for travel, she saw an opportunity to launch a brand for young, carefree women who want to feel confident in their own skin on the beach.

Taking matters into her own hands, Jess designs her swimwear with full creative control on the Sunshine Coast of Eastbourne, UK. Her designs cater to everyone, featuring bespoke adjustable features and mix-and-match separates to ensure the perfect fit for every body shape.


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