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Article: 3 Tips On How To Carry Money Safely Abroad💸

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3 Tips On How To Carry Money Safely Abroad💸

Taking spending money abroad is not as simple as just taking your bank card and wingin' it. These days you have to think about safety, cost and also convenience. It can be daunting to know what is the best option for you depending on the place you are due to travel to. Many remote places do not have easily accessible cash points and there can be some talented pick pocketers around however if you follow our little tricks you should limit your risk to these incidents.

First and for most, do ample research on google and tripadvisor on what other travellers or locals suggest in terms of spending budgets and currencies to use in your particualar destination of choice.

After doing your research here are some of our tips on how best to travel with your money this summer;

1 - Split up your money

Take minimal cash and combine with cards (see point 2 on cards)

Note: If you are going to the US you may want to take more cash as tipping in $1 bills is very common.

2 - Travel cards

Preloaded travel cards which can be transfered into multiple currencies at a click of a button. Pair it with an app on your mobile and you will be able to keep track of your spending throughout your trip and you can also top up the card if need be. Some travel cards allow you to pay on your mobile app too.

If you wish to withdraw cash using a travel card they are usually free and have very competitive currency rates when you do come to transferring the funds on to the card.

An alternative to travel cards are the newer online banks such as Starling which offer a very competitive currency rate and the same benefits as travel cards in terms of app access and you can cancel the card inside your app if you do find it goes missing or is stolen.

3 - Smart watch

If you want to make payments with your credit or debit card consider using your smart watch to do so. Since you will be wearing it on your wrist this option is less enticing for thieves and one of the safest ways to make a card payment.

We hope you found our quick tips on travel money useful and can now relax in your favourite bikini on a nice white sandy beach, have a safe trip!

Stay Salty x


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