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Article: Quick Tip - How To Get Data Abroad For Less!🌐

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Quick Tip - How To Get Data Abroad For Less!🌐

Coming home to very expensive mobile phone bill can literally ruin your holiday. I feel you girl, I've been there.

Since Brexit data packages for the UK will not be included for overseas travel (including Europe) meaning you will be charged extra for using any data outside of the UK. The majority of UK mobile operators will be charging daily rates from early 2022. 

However it is not all doom and gloom. We have the solution!

Depending on your needs for data you have 2 options.

Option 1 is for those seeking minimal data and not needed to get around. Simply connect to local Wifi's. Most Hotels & Airbnb's have internet these days meaning you can plan your day and catch up with friends/family whilst at your hotel. If you dine out or go for a local coffee, many restaurants will have Wifi you can connect to.

Option 2 is for those that need more data during the day when out and about and want to refer to their data for finding location or reviews on places to eat (this can really make a difference for those foodies out there).

The cheapest option for having data available at your fingertips is a pay as you go data pack from Three. Yes this does mean you need an additional sim card which you can pop into your mobile as and when you need it however I'd recommend giving your friends and family this new number to contact for the week and then switching the sim before you leave!

Data packs available (As Of November '21);

8 GB £10
25 GB £15
50 GB £20

*All these packs include unlimited minutes and texts & last 1 calendar month. Check the go roam 71 destinations on Three's website to ensure your destination is covered.

The great thing about these data packs is that there are no suprises in terms of exceeding the usage. Once the data has gone you would need to top up before being able to use more data which will control your spending #winwin

Stay Salty

Jess x
Founder / Head Beach Babe


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