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Article: 7 Apps Every Woman Should Download When Travelling Alone✈️

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7 Apps Every Woman Should Download When Travelling Alone✈️

Travelling alone? You go girl!

Ever get fed up of people moaning about doing things on holiday that you want to do but no one else does? Well, you don't have to be subjected to their holiday miserableness!

I personally have travelled alone in the past and found it to be a fantastic experience. I am a strong advocate of doing what you want, when you want (so long as it doesn't hurt nobody!) and this is why I rave about travelling alone.

That being said, as a woman you need to take your safety seriously. As a female tourist you can be quite the target if you don't take precautions.

I have compiled my top apps to download to keep you safe and well travelled. So, get your iTunes store at the ready!

top travel apps

1 - Find My Friends🕵️: Yes this app does scream stalker but it really is a MUST have when going a little 'off grid'. Hook your bestie or mum up with this app and they will have a live update on your where abouts at all times in map form in case things go a little quiet your end.

2 - Tripadvisor🍝: Could be obvious for most people but this is THE app for local restaurants which you may pass but not sure what the food is like. After all you are only here once and like most of us women, food is definitely one of the most important factors about any holiday. Don't forget to track down the most instagrammable beach to get that cheeky bikini pic!

3 - Revolut💸: Carrying travel money is a bit of a no go these days, especially when wondering around in just a bikini. Luckily, technology has advanced and there are safer alternatives. Card companies such as Revolut offer travellers the chance to load up a pre-paid travel card, which is accessible via their app, so you can keep track of your spending. You can also make payment via your mobile or if you really want to, you can order a card to take with you which uses chip and pin.

4 - Maps🗺️: Again another obvious one however this can be used to your advantage when you don't have any data to find places of interest and the best sunbathing locations. Pre-organise top places you want to visit and add them to your mobiles map and it will keep the pinned location so you can easily navigate to your bucket list.

5 - Uber/Lyft 🚕: If you are travelling to popular destinations or throughout the states these apps will fast become your best friend. Hauling cabs to get around are just dead. Use these apps to get around safely. You can even meet other like minded female travellers or locals by using the 'Uber Pool' options where you can split the price of a fare by picking up a stranger or two en route. I have met some very interesting people doing this. So step outside your comfort zone baby! 

6 - Google Translate: Because hey, we can't all be multilingual and you need to be ordering the correct food when you are sipping cocktails poolside or when dining out !

7 - XE Currency Convertor💱: The best app to see if you really are getting a holiday bargain! Convert any currency to your home currency.

female travel blogs

I hope you found these apps useful. Create a sub folder on your mobile to pop all these apps into and away you book that trip, pack your favourite Salty bikini. what's stopping you?! 

Looking for the best way to get data abroad? Stay tuned for our next blog.

Stay Salty,

Jess x
Founder / Head Beach Babe


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