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Article: Best Time To Book Your Summer Holiday For Cheap $$!

best time to book a holiday

Best Time To Book Your Summer Holiday For Cheap $$!

The question on most of our minds. When do I book my summer holiday overseas to get the best price?

After spending a number of years testing when the best time to book a summer holiday abroad is and pondering on the thoughts of a last minute bargain or booking months in advance here is what I personally found.

*Get your bikini at the ready*

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Last minute deals are definitely not guaranteed and are slowly becoming a thing of the past!

In most circumstances you can end up with very little choice in terms of decent accommodation.

Popular hotels are usually fully booked months in advance and hot spot destinations rarely come down in price. 

Not to mention most of us also need to put in a holiday request at work at least 2 weeks before so this option is definitely the least suitable for little return!

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Here is where the magic happens, booking in advance has so many benefits. It sounds obvious but you would be suprised how many people still think last minute deals are where it's at! The top advantages I find useful are below;

1 - Have a pick of the bunch with your accommodation. Whether it's airbnb, or package holidays the earlier you book the most options you have. Especially if you are after cheaper rooms.

2 - A date in the diary can give you something to look forward to and work towards when budgeting and you can give your work plenty of notice! Not to mention scour the internet for your perfect white swimsuit.

3 - There is usually only a small deposit of £99 required for the booking allowing you to secure that dream vacay and pay when convenient. Watch out for cancellations terms. If you are booking an airbnb some hosts will require half the deposit and you will be in a fight to get it back if you do cancel!

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My GOLDEN nugget: booking between Christmas and New Year has been undoubtly the cheapest time for me to book my annual trips. Flight & accommodation just seem to be at their lowest. I have managed to bag the absolute best deals around this time. I am forever being asked what my secret is and you have it. Thank me later. (albeit this has been up until the pandemic so lets see if this rings true this year!)

Whilst everyone is out enjoying the festivities and spending copious amounts of money on Christmas booze and boxing day sales you will find me booking my summer holiday and snooping around for my summer bikini at a fraction of the price. 

This is your sign to book that trip you have been longing for!

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